Products and Services

To build a firm social and digital media footprint for participating hospitals, THA Digital Marketing offers four products and services:

  • Patient identification/ acquisition: Using online health risk assessments, THA Digital Marketing helps patients screen for potential health issues. The tools provided in the service help patients solve problems and ask serious questions that concern families every day while also creating a last relationship with your hospital's brand.

  • Digital Audit: THA Digital Marketing provides a thorough audit and performance review of your hospital website and social media sites to help refine your current strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

  • Directory Management: Online directory management services ensure all the major data aggregators and the top-tier health care directories have accurate and complete data about your facility. Too often, contact information and other key data about your services and facilities are inaccurate. Keeping the content updated can be a major hassle for hospital communication and marketing staff members, but the THA Digital Marketing directory management services bring clarity and simplicity to an otherwise burdensome practice of updating online directories.

  • Custom training and education: Hospital staff can stay up-to-date on best practices and implement them through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.



THA Digital Marketing overview
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