THA helps Texas Hospitals serve their communities

THA helps Texas hospitals serve their communities by identifying and addressing critical health care issues.

Medicaid 1115 Waiver: THA has compiled the most recent data about the Texas Health Care Transformation and Quality Improvement Program Read more

Complex and highly emotional scenarios play out in hospitals every day. THA helps hospitals comply with federal and state advance directives laws, including educating the public about end-of-life decision-making ... Read more

The Texas Hospital Association has prioritized legislation to increase funding and services to promote the efficacy of behavioral and mental health programs in Texas. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Texas is 51st in the nation for per capita mental health spending ... Read more

Hospitals play a key role in emergency readiness in Texas. THA provides resources to help all hospitals prepare for and respond to the unexpected ... Read more

Medicare. Medicaid. Children’s Health Insurance Program. DSH, UPL, PPOs, HMOs. The alphabet soup of health care finance is complex, confusing and constantly changing. THA continuously monitors state and federal regulations that affect government reimbursement programs as well as the private health insurance market ... Read more

Affordable, accessible health insurance coverage is critical for Texans’ health and quality of life. Keep track of insurance reform efforts, managed care issues and more ... Read more

Delivering the right care at the right time in the right setting is the core mission of hospitals across the country. THA is committed to helping its members improve the quality of care they deliver every day ... Read more

Nearly one-third of Texas hospitals are located in rural areas, where they face unique challenges in meeting their communities’ health care needs ... Read more

Texas’ medical liability reforms are working, and THA and Texas hospitals want to preserve the improved access Texans have to health care services as a result of tort reform ... Read more

Investing in a strong trauma system is good public policy and benefits every Texan who depends on the 24/7 availability of hospital emergency departments ... Read more

Health care is about people caring for people, yet Texas hospitals face ongoing shortages of registered nurses and allied health professionals ... Read more

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